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Sea Watch Activities

Location:Sea Watch Resort

Kick off the first week of June at Sea Watch with entertaining day long activities. 

Tuesday, June 2nd:

8:30 am- Water Aerobics 

10:00 am- Sand Art Castles($10)

12:00 pm- Turtle Races

1:30 pm- Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt

4:00 pm- Bingo

5:30 pm- Beauty at the Beach

7:30 pm- Paint Your Pottery ( Price may vary) 

Wednesday, June 3rd: 

8:30 am- Lazy River Fitness Walk

10:00 am- Paint Away($5-$10)

12:00 pm- Turtle Races

2:00 pm- Tie Dye Mania ($10- $15) 

5:00 pm- Super Hero Obstacle Course

7:30 pm Avenger Movie and Popcorn

Thursday, June 4th: 

8:30 am- Water Aerobics

10:00 am- Sweet and Sassy Nails ($5) 

12:00 pm- Turtles Races

1:30 pm- A Pirates Adventure Featuring Mermaid Amara ($10) 

3:30 pm-Painting By The Sea ($10) 

4:30 pm-Tattoo Parlor ($5) 

Friday, June 5th:

8:30 am-Lazy River Fitness Walk

10:30 am-Glass Painting ($5)

12:00 pm- Turtle Race

4:00 pm Ping Pong Tournament

6:00 pm Karaoke  

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